25th Anniversary

MENNEKES Electrical Products, USA, celebrates its
25-year anniversary in 2012, and it's been an exciting quarter-century! Thanks to the innovative minds of our employees and ongoing loyalty and support of our customers and business partners, MENNEKES USA has grown to become a market leader, providing IEC wiring devices and other industrial products...

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MENNEKES Global Corner
Electric Vehicle News

Recharging the World - One Electric Vehicle at a Time

The shift to electric vehicles in the United States is growing steadily, and with electric vehicles comes a
need for charging systems. In 2010, MENNEKES Electrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Kirchhundem, Germany) received the VDE test seal for the first

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MENNEKES Solutions

The Secret to Solving Your "Real Estate" Problems

Are your electrical devices stealing valuable real
estate? You can take back that wasted space with the
AMAXX enclosure system by MENNEKES. The product line includes enclosures in, five different sizes which can be configured in countless ways to install your electrical devices just the way you want them.

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