Switched and Interlocked Receptacles

MENNEKES switched and interlocked receptacles combine safety and durability in one pre-wired unit. A patented interlock mechanism prevents the switch from being turned “ON” unless the plug is fully inserted, and it stops removal unless the switch is in the “OFF” position. They feature a tough, thermoplastic NEMA 4X; 12 enclosure with poured-in-place gasketing and molded conduit drillpoints to stand up to chemicals and impact. Our full lineup of switched and interlocked receptacles includes IEC 60309-compliant and UL 1686 C1-type versions as well as our stainless steel SPEC series for demanding washdown environments. 

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  • Non-fusible Products
    • LockOUT-LET Series
    • HMI Series
    • SPEC Grade Series
    • MSR Series UL 1686 C1
      • AM-TiTE Mating Plugs
  • Fusible Products
    • LockOUT-LET Series
    • FCB Series (Fusible or with Breaker)
    • MSR Series UL 1686 C
      • AM-TiTE Mating Plugs