We’re excited to announce our CDS Series of curved, non-metallic motor disconnects has been named an EC&M® 2021 Product of the Year winner in the motors, drives and motor controls category. We now join 30 other finalists that will compete for the Platinum, Gold and Silver awards, with winners determined by EC&M subscribers next month.

As many recent events have shown, supply chain relationships are susceptible to global shocks — from the COVID-19 crisis to the recent Suez Canal blockage. Making matters worse, these incidents can have long-lasting rippling effects that further impact the ability of many businesses to rebound.

Need to upgrade motor disconnects in your facility? We have three great options for you that use industry-standard mounting patterns, making each option a true drop-in replacement. These units include sloped- and curved-top designs to facilitate liquid runoff in washdown settings to enhance plant sanitation while offering superior functionality and durability.

Our CDS, DS and SPEC-Grade Series of motor disconnects feature industry-standard mounting patterns, making these options true drop-in replacements. These units include sloped- and curved-top stainless steel and polymer designs to facilitate liquid runoff, offering superior functionality and durability in washdown settings.