MENNEKES CDS curved-top disconnect switches offer an option to add a three-position selector switch or other control and push-button devices. Save valuable space and cost by reducing parts while enhancing safety for maintenance staff. Stocked in TEST–OFF–RUN, this model incorporates the 30A CDS enclosure and control switch, eliminating the cost and labor associated with installing a second box. In addition, the TEST function improves worker safety by enabling maintenance personnel to “prove” proper equipment functions after LO/TO procedures.

By combining modularity with a portfolio of standard products, our AMAXX® system lets you design a custom power distribution center, pre-wired by MENNEKES to meet current and future plant requirements. Our latest video explores how you can configure AMAXX for an array of industrial applications like automotive, food processing, R&D and pilot plants.

Our AMAXX® enclosure system combines convenience and utility power, enabling you to create a custom power distribution center that meets current and future plant requirements. It reduces your design and assembly time and simplifies the mounting process for your power distribution unit. Available in single- to five-gang units, AMAXX combines modularity with our portfolio of standard products — including GFCI outlets, switched and interlocked pin and sleeve receptacles and more.

Take a tour of our AMAXX® power distribution family in our latest video. An innovative NEMA 4X enclosure system, AMAXX provides you with the flexibility to easily satisfy various plant requirements, all while reducing your design, assembly and installation costs.