Need to upgrade motor disconnects in your facility? We have three great options for you that use industry-standard mounting patterns, making each option a true drop-in replacement. These units include sloped- and curved-top designs to facilitate liquid runoff in washdown settings to enhance plant sanitation while offering superior functionality and durability.

Our CDS, DS and SPEC-Grade Series of motor disconnects feature industry-standard mounting patterns, making these options true drop-in replacements. These units include sloped- and curved-top stainless steel and polymer designs to facilitate liquid runoff, offering superior functionality and durability in washdown settings.

MENNEKES CDS/DS Installation Video

You will find requirements for line-of-sight motor disconnects in all plant environments. That’s why we designed our new CDS Series to withstand demanding operating conditions, especially in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Our new CDS Series is the industry’s first non-metallic, curved-top disconnect switch. This clean, innovative design features a curved profile to eliminate standing water and minimize contaminant buildup in food processing and other cleanroom operating environments.