If you need to upgrade the motor disconnects in your facility, we've got you covered. MENNEKES CDS, DS, SPEC and SDS Series motor disconnects feature industry-standard mounting patterns, making them true drop-in replacements. Choose from flat-top and sloped-top designs, which facilitate liquid runoff in washdown settings, as well as non-metallic and stainless steel enclosures. Watch our latest video to learn more about these four drop-in motor disconnects.

Our latest stainless steel motor disconnects, the SDS Series, include Early Break and Late Make auxiliary contacts as standard and are available in 30A, 60A and 100A. Check out our video and download the brochure to learn more.

In our last blog post, we discussed MENNEKES non-metallic, curved-top CDS disconnect switches with an optional three-position selector switch, saving valuable installation space, reducing parts and improving safety for maintenance personnel. These same features and benefits also extend to our sloped-top stainless steel motor disconnects, which incorporate a 15-degree sloped roof to facilitate liquid run-off in washdown applications.

MENNEKES CDS curved-top disconnect switches offer an option to add a three-position selector switch or other control and push-button devices. Save valuable space and cost by reducing parts while enhancing safety for maintenance staff. Stocked in TEST–OFF–RUN, this model incorporates the 30A CDS enclosure and control switch, eliminating the cost and labor associated with installing a second box. In addition, the TEST function improves worker safety by enabling maintenance personnel to “prove” proper equipment functions after LO/TO procedures.