ME 3100C7W


MENNEKES IEC 60309-compatible in-line connectors are designed to ensure user safety while providing a simple yet reliable electrical contact. The durable connectors’ dead-front construction forms a barrier to protect users from current-carrying parts, and split brass solid sleeves establish a secure connection. Additional features include a high-temperature thermoplastic contact carriers and convenient, field-replaceable flip lid covers and locking rings. Connections are simple thanks to a clock face that represents the grounding contact position. And, MENNEKES color-codes the housings so users can easily identify the industry standard voltage configurations.

Catalog #
ME 3100C7W
Type of Device Watertight Connector
Product Series 60309 Pin and Sleeve
Amperage 100A
Voltage 1 Phase 480VAC
# of Poles 2
# of Wires 3
Color Red
Female Grounding Contact Position 7h
Sleeve Material Brass
NEMA Rating 4X
IP Rating 67

cULus to UL 1682 and UL 1686 to
C2 Configurations and to CSA 22.2 No. 182.1
IEC 60309-1;
IEC 60309-2

Current Interrupting Certified at full-rated current and voltage
Temperature Rise

Max 30°C rise at full rated current after 50 overload cycles

Maximum Working Voltage 600 RMS
Dielectric Voltage 3000VAC maximum
UV Endurance UV Stabilized Material
UL Endurance Testing-Electrical (at .75-.8 Power Factor) 500 mated cycles at full-rated current/voltage
Environmental Operating Temperature

Maximum continuous: 70°C;
Minimum: -40°C without impact

Crush Resistance Units conditioned to -25°C for 6 hours and 250 lbs. of force applied for 1 minute
Impact Resistance Units conditioned to -25°C for 6 hours and dropped 8 times from 30''
Replace Flip Lid Cover ME 345100RC7W
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