If you’re looking for new and innovative industrial electrical products, look no further than our latest catalog. Available for download now, the catalog contains roughly 20 percent more products than our previous edition.

The new products are spread across our product lines—including pin-and-sleeve wiring devices, receptacles, disconnect switches and configurable power distribution systems.

Many New Components. New-product highlights from the catalog include:

  • Many popular made-to-order products have become standard offerings, reducing your costs and lead times.
  • The AMAXX line of of power distribution systems is as configurable as ever, but the new catalog includes dozens more preconfigured systems for quick and easy specification.
  • The number of dual-rated components—UL and VDE—has been expanded for our global customers.
  • Sloped-top stainless enclosures, which prevent liquids from pooling, have been added including SPEC Grade disconnects and SpecMAXX power distribution systems.
  • New marine grade wiring device products have been added to our line of standard products.

Many more new products can be found in the catalog



Download The Catalog