MENNEKES CDS curved-top disconnect switches offer an option to add a three-position selector switch or other control and push-button devices. Save valuable space and cost by reducing parts while enhancing safety for maintenance staff. Stocked in TEST–OFF–RUN, this model incorporates the 30A CDS enclosure and control switch, eliminating the cost and labor associated with installing a second box. In addition, the TEST function improves worker safety by enabling maintenance personnel to “prove” proper equipment functions after LO/TO procedures.

Selector switches are just one design feature in our 30A NSF-certified CDS motor disconnect, which is the industry’s first non-metallic clean profile switch to shed water. Other features include:

  • 30A 20hp 480V rating with 65kA SCCR rating (when protected with Class J fuses).
  • Labelless, with easy-to-read laser etched markings for permanent rating identification.
  • Impact-modified VALOX® enclosure for chemical resistance in food processing applications.
  • Poured-in-place gasket, which provides long-lasting NEMA 4X and IP69K seal.
  • Standard early-break auxiliary contacts for VFD interface.
  • Two mounting options: external mounting feet to industry-standard footprint or an internal mounting option that maintains the footprint of MENNEKES legacy enclosures.
  • Captive stainless fixing screws and threaded brass inserts, creating a secure cover seal.
  • Highly visible red handle for clear ON/OFF status and OSHA LO/TO compliance.

To learn more about our CDS Series, please download our brochure.