If you have several motors running in proximity to each other, your best bet is to combine multiple motor disconnects into one single enclosure. Our AMAXX® and SpecMAXX® products let you do just that—saving you in material, labor and space.

Using a common enclosure for multiple disconnect switches eliminates the need to rough-in separate boxes. This scalable solution reduces your unit switch cost with obvious savings in both installation labor and materials.

MENNEKES options for multiple disconnects include our AMAXX® and SpecMAXX® series. Both are customizable, allowing you to meet the varied requirements of your operation. Notable features include:

  • Switch ratings from 25–60 A up to 30 HP
  • Early break auxiliary contacts
  • Compliance with OSHA LO/TO requirements
  • UL listed type 4X enclosures
  • Non-metallic and stainless steel options
  • Up to five configurable modules



    AMAXX® non-metallic- hinged cover for access.
    Five enclosure sizes.

  • SPX1A

    SpecMAXX® 15° sloped roof stainless steel option. Offered in single, double and triple gang enclosures.