AMAXX Keeps Your Factory Connected—Safely

AMAXX Keeps Your Factory Connected-Safely

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to change manufacturing, facilities need to stay connected-creating a need for more data ports on the factory floor. At the same time, more control systems and diagnostic equipment are plugged in than ever before. Doing this safely in varied plant environments can be a challenge, especially when complying with electrical codes requiring ground fault protection.

Our AMAXX power distribution unit addresses these needs in a single enclosure system. In this blog, we'll explore how AMAXX isyourone-stop shop for control signals and operator safety in this digital age.

Customize AMAXX With Ethernet Ports

AMAXX lets you easily configure various receptacles in one enclosure system to meet current and future power distribution needs. AMAXX is also available with CAT 6 Ethernet ports-enabling you to meet your plant's Ethernet requirements. In addition to standard 2-port cover plates, several protective cover options are offered, including NEMA 3R or watertight IP67.

Ethernet capability is often used in combination with other receptacles like duplexes, NEMA locking devices, IEC receptacles and communication devices like M12 or M16 connectors. With AMAXX, it's easy to combine these into one unit.

Ground Fault Protection On The Enclosure

NEC Article 210.8 requires ground fault protection for specific areas. In addition to those locations, AMAXX units can provide 120V GFCI personnel protection at the plant floor level-a need that is often related to using diagnostic and computer equipment. AMAXX provides different GFCI options, such as UL Type 3R duplex or blind face receptacles, as well as UL Type 4X not in-use covers. If wired in series, multiple outlets can be utilized, providing ground fault operator safety at point of use and eliminating the need to reset a GFCI in a distant panel.