AMAXX® Satisfies Food Production, R&D and Automotive Plant Needs

By combining modularity with a portfolio of standard products, our AMAXX® system lets you design a custom power distribution center, pre-wired by MENNEKES to meet current and future plant requirements. Our latest video explores how you can configure AMAXX for an array of industrial applications like automotive, food processing, R&D and pilot plants.

Ideal for applications that involve multiple pieces of portable equipment, AMAXX comes in single- to five-gang units and integrates standard products like our switched and interlocked receptacle modules. You can also incorporate motor disconnect switches, GFCIs and IEC 60309 20A-60A receptacles. Receptacle protection options include in-use covers, as well as weatherproof or watertight covers if NEMA 4X is required. If your power supply is oversized, AMAXX delivers additional design flexibility with circuit breakers or fusing accessed through a circuit breaker window module.

To learn more about our unique system for plant requirements that reduces your design and installation time, watch our new video below. You can also visit our online configuration tool to design your own AMAXX distribution unit.