AMAXX With Motor Starters Enable Control and Protection at the Load Source

In our last few blogs, we explored some of the features you can enjoy with our AMAXX power distribution system-from Ethernet connectivity, to switch-rated receptacle options. Mixing and matching various configurations provides an easy, flexible way to meet your plant's unique requirements.

This month, we turn our attention to motor starters, which combine motor control and overload protection in a single device. Adding one to your AMAXX system goes even further-enabling you to reap these benefits without having to install anything in a remote panel.

Let's take a closer look at AMAXX motor starters:

AMAXX Motor Protection
To help you centralize control, AMAXX has the option to include manual motor starters-allowing you to control and protect your motors right at the load source. We can provide these starters with current ratings up to 30 A and horsepower ratings up to 25 HP at 600 VAC, according to National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 430 requirements.

Manual motor starters enable manual ON/OFF control of motors while also protecting them from short circuits, overload and phase failures without the need for fusing. They include thermal tripping elements for overload protection and electromagnetic tripping elements for short circuit protection. These units are also suitable as a motor disconnect.

Because motors make up a very large industry, the list of OEM applications for manual and electronic motor starters is endless-from factory conveyors, to ski lifts. Please check with our factory regarding specific applications.

Configure Your Own AMAXX
While AMAXX comes in a variety of standard configurations, you can also easily modify it to suit your needs. Available in single to five-gang units, it combines modularity with our comprehensive range of products-including pin and sleeve receptacles, GFCI outlets, NEMA locking devices and motor disconnect switches-to make ordering and setup quick and easy.

To configure your own AMAXX unit, visit our online configuration tool.