Customizable Stainless Steel Power Distribution Systems

Modular power distribution systems typically feature polymer enclosures, which are lightweight and easy to install. Sometimes, however, the application or environment calls for stainless steel enclosures. That's where our SpecMAXX system comes in.

Intended for industrial and commercial use, SpecMAXX features 304 stainless steel, UL-approved enclosures with 15-degree sloped roofs that shed liquids when cleanliness counts. Shrouded side walls protect cover mounted devices from impact so the SpecMAXX can work in the most demanding environments.

SpecMAXX's added protection doesn't come at the expense of design flexibility. The system lets you choose from three different enclosure sizes and a complete range of electrical devices. Examples include:

  • Pin and sleeve, NEMA and GFCI receptacles
  • Switched and interlocked receptacles
  • Multiple disconnect switches
  • Breakers or fusing
  • Blank plates for field customization

Lower Costs And Faster Lead Times. Using SpecMAXX reduces the time and costs necessary to source, assemble and mount your power distribution system. In addition, this system gives you the flexibility to customize based on your needs. Other benefits include:

  • Generous wiring space
  • One piece punched gasket for watertight seal
  • Sealed fixing holes
  • Removable module plates with captive hardware and retention straps

Check out key features of the MENNEKES SpecMAXX


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