Customize AMAXX® for Welding or Food Plant Applications

Our AMAXX enclosure system combines convenience and utility power, enabling you to create a custom power distribution center that meets current and future plant requirements. It reduces your design and assembly time and simplifies the mounting process for your power distribution unit. Available in single- to five-gang units, AMAXX combines modularity with our portfolio of standard products - including GFCI outlets, switched and interlocked pin and sleeve receptacles and more.

AMAXX is ideal for many industries like welding and food and beverage. Designs often include a 480V or 250V welding or pump receptacle in combination with a 120V convenience outlet for handheld tools. You can also add circuit breaker protection to your design if tapping into a larger supply circuit. In demanding food processing environments, our standard products are built to withstand high temperatures and corrosive washdown solutions. All MENNEKES switches and receptacles you select for AMAXX are UL Type 4X tested to protect against hose-directed washdown. Our switched and interlocked receptacles also assure no-load mating and disconnecting of plug-connected equipment, protecting operators from arc flash in wet conditions.

You can learn more about AMAXX in our latest video. If you want to design your own AMAXX distribution unit, visit our online configuration tool.

AMAXX for welding or food applications