Injection Molding Company Improves Workplace Safety With AMAXX

Injection Molding Company Improves Workplace Safety With AMAXX

Our AMAXX® power distribution systems make it easy to prioritize safety on the shop floor. As a configurable system consisting of various component options, AMAXX can declutter floor space while providing workers with a safe way to plug and unplug equipment.

With workplace safety its goal, a Wisconsin-based injection molding company recently outfitted one of its plants with over 140 AMAXX units. Let's take a closer look at this application example.

Championing Worker Safety with AMAXX

Headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, Bemis Manufacturing Company is one of the largest plastic injection molding companies in the country. With facilities in North America, Europe and Mexico, Bemis produces a variety of products, including bathroom and healthcare products.

Before making the switch to AMAXX, the company's Wisconsin plant had hundreds of 480V auxiliary disconnects providing power to secondary equipment, but workers could potentially disconnect the machines while in the ON position. “We made a decision as a company to purchase interlock devices, that way people couldn't plug and unplug equipment with the power on,” says Bemis Lead Master Electrician, Steve Van Wyk.

Over the course of a few years, Bemis replaced all its old devices with over 140 AMAXX combination units, including AMX5A-951484-a standard 480V unit. A common power supply was run to each box, which was populated with two 30A and one 60A switch and interlocked receptacles with overcurrent protection for each. The use of AMAXX throughout the plant provides power to a wide range of auxiliary equipment, including injection molding machines, robotic systems, water controllers and other secondary equipment.

Now that its Wisconsin plant is complete, Bemis is in the process of converting some of its other facilities as well.

Cleaning Up Valuable Floor Space

AMAXX power distribution units were a perfect fit for the Bemis application. Each unit replaced three older 480V devices, which were stacked side by side. “In addition to improving safety for our workers, AMAXX really cleaned up our factory floor,"; Van Wyk says. “We have a culture here at Bemis where we do what's right for our workers. We couldn't be happier with the benefits AMAXX has brought us."


before no contrast


after contrast

Each AMAXX unit replaced three older 480V units-saving valuable space.

Learn More About AMAXX

AMAXX simplifies design and reduces time to assemble and install plant power distribution systems. This cost savings is complemented by the ability to configure AMAXX to your plant standard. Choose from a variety of component options, including pin and sleeve receptacles, switched and interlocked receptacles, GFCI outlets, NEMA locking devices, motor disconnect switches, Ethernet-and more. Choose from numerous pre-configured combinations, order blank plates for field customization or inquire about other options for your specific needs.

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