Maximize Uptime With Horsepower-Rated Wiring Devices

For an often overlooked source of downtime, look no further than your motors. Changing failed hardwired motors requires trained staff and extended time to disconnect field wiring-adding longer-than-necessary downtime to your factory operation. Fortunately, there's another solution.

MENNEKES horsepower (HP) load-rated pin and sleeve wiring devices enable quick changes to your motor system-avoiding the costly downtime associated with changing out hardwired motors.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of HP-rated wiring devices:

Improving Uptime-Safely
According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), Article 430.109(F), you can use a load-rated wiring device as a motor disconnect. All our standard pin and sleeve devices carry locked-rotor HP ratings-enabling you to create a plug-and-play system for your motor while meeting the same electrical requirements for safety and functionality.

This option provides a number of benefits:

Minimize downtime with simple, mechanical change-outs. One of the major benefits to having a plug-and-play motor system is the easy replacement process. If your motor burns out, simply unplug it. No tools or materials for wiring are required. Proper phase rotation for the replacement motor plug is preconfigured to further expedite this process. This method also reduces downtime and eliminates complex field wiring.

Maintain operator safety. HP-rated wiring devices are designed to make and break motor loads. Plug housing and recessed contacts protect operators from arc flash and contact with live parts. Each wiring device undergoes rigorous agency testing-50 mating cycles with a 0.40-0.50 power factor for each HP rating at 150 percent rated current and 100 percent rated voltage.

Meet your portable equipment needs. Plug-connected line motors are one of the uses for pin and sleeve wiring devices in addition to using and moving mobile equipment on your plant floor.

Our IEC 60309 pin and sleeve wiring devices-including receptacles, plugs, connectors and inlets-provide secure, reliable connections even under harsh factory conditions. All devices endure rigorous testing and carry several compliance ratings, including UL Type 4X Watertight. They are configured to IEC 60309-2, allowing for compatibility with other like-rated devices.

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