Maximize Your Uptime While Contending With Supply Chain Disruptions

Maximize Your Uptime While Contending With Supply Chain Disruptions

As many recent events have shown, supply chain relationships are susceptible to global shocks - from the COVID-19 crisis to the recent Suez Canal blockage. Making matters worse, these incidents can have long-lasting rippling effects that further impact the ability of many businesses to rebound.

As more manufacturers rebuild their inventories in the wake of the pandemic, thousands of containers are "currently parked" outside of California's ports - a bottleneck due to the sudden uptick in shipments after a lull from this long pandemic. In another example, although the ship that blocked the Suez Canal is now free, the incident will continue to cause traffic delays for several weeks.

Disruptions like these show just how vulnerable global supply chains are. Unfortunately, you can't afford to slow down your manufacturing efforts. Any lapses in fulfillment or service from parts suppliers lead to costly production delays, preventing manufacturers from getting their goods to market quickly - if at all.

Increasing Inventory for Your Needs

In the wake of these various supply chain disruptions, we're doing our best at MENNEKES to keep our wiring devices, motor disconnect switches, power distribution systems and other high-performance electrical products in stock and ready to ship in one week or less. We also offer the resources and customer service to deliver back-ordered products with minimal lead times compared to many of our competitors.

Minimizing Downtime With Reliable Products

Our wiring devices, disconnect switches and power distribution products feature durable construction, hygienic design and custom design options to maximize operational performance. Parts are certified to North American and International Safety standards. Together, these qualities ensure your plant runs safely and reliably, enabling you to avoid downtime and remain productive as the world recovers from a disrupted supply chain.

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