Maximizing Safety and Cleanliness in Modular Process Skids

Maximizing Safety and Cleanliness in Modular Process Skids

Many manufacturing plants are increasingly embracing modular processing systems to improve their efficiency, flexibility and scalability. As part of this approach, they’re using self-contained “skids,” which contain all the necessary components for a specific manufacturing process. A pharmaceutical plant, for example, might have a skid-mounted bioreactor with all the related pumps, piping and control systems.

Another important aspect of each skid’s design is the electrical components. In the following blog post, we take a deep dive into the features and benefits of modular process skids, along with the ways MENNEKES electrical products can maximize cleanliness and safety in these systems.

All About the Modular Approach
Modular process skids are prefabricated units that contain a process system or part of a process system that is used in the manufacturing of products. Unlike traditional build methods, where an entire system is constructed at the manufacturing site piece by piece, modular process skids are designed to be plug-and-play. This means they can be easily transported and entail minimal onsite construction and installation.

This modular approach unlocks many benefits. Because modules are constructed concurrently with onsite preparations, this approach reduces project timelines and can accelerate the time-to-market for pharmaceutical products. These systems also make it easy to add or remove units, enabling manufacturers to adapt quickly to production changes.

Examples of industries that take advantage of modular, skid-based processes include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, chemical, cosmetic manufacturing and more.

MENNEKES Products That Excel in Process Skids
At MENNEKES, we have decades of experience working in highly regulated environments with strict cleanliness and safety requirements. Our electric products offer the right combination of features — including durability, hygienic design and corrosion resistance — that enable them to excel in modular process skids, all while promoting safety and sanitation.

For example, our stainless steel 200A and 400A SPEC Grade disconnects provide a safe, reliable way to isolate motor power for equipment on processing skids, eliminating the need to access remote Motor Control Centers (MCC). Units feature a 15-degree sloped roof to minimize contaminant harborage and UL 98 Listed rotary switch, which provides a compact footprint for cost-effective skid mounting. Plus, their rugged stainless steel enclosure makes the 200A and 400A units ideal for skids in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other process manufacturing facilities.

Additional MENNEKES components that suit modular process skids include our diverse line of motor disconnects, with units available in rugged NEMA 4X; 12 non-metallic and stainless steel enclosures, as well as our switched and interlocked receptacles, which feature a durable, thermoplastic NEMA 4X; 12 enclosure with poured-in-place gasketing and molded conduit drill points to stand up to harsh conditions.

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