Multi-Gang SLPX Disconnects With Clean Design Join Our Sloped-Top Product Lineup

We recently expanded our sloped-top motor disconnect offering, allowing you to prioritize sanitation in your plant environment while easily meeting requirements for multiple disconnects.

Available in three multi-gang enclosure sizes, our new stainless steel SLPX Series features a unique clean design for critical washdown and processing areas. Like other MENNEKES sloped-top disconnects, these units are UL Listed, rated NEMA 4X and include a 15-degree sloped roof to facilitate liquid runoff. They are also ideally suited for multiple disconnect requirements, saving you cost and time with one box installation versus having many individual units.

A Safe, Hygienic Design for Demanding Plant Environments

SLPX units incorporate one-inch external mounting feet — a feature that simplifies sanitation inspections in addition to allowing liquid to run off. A compartment barrier with one-inch pass-through opening also adds extra safety for installations that involve mixed power and control wiring.

In addition, these 304 stainless-steel enclosures are designed for 30A and 60A switches, all with early break auxiliary contacts for VFD and starter interfaces. The modular design of SLPX units also allows for customization with control devices like push buttons, selector switches, indicator lights and wiring device options.

Additional features and compliances include:

  • A highly visible padlockable handle that satisfies OSHA LO/TO compliance.
  • SCCR: 65kA RMS and “Suitable as Motor Disconnect” per NEC 430-109 (a)(b).
  • UL Listed standards: 50 and 50E; CSA 22.2 No. 94.
  • One-piece punched gasket.
  • Generous drainage channel.
  • Integrated one-inch standoff mounting feet.
  • Shrouded design minimizes component damage.
  • Two, three and four multi-gang enclosures with module options.
Slpx Multi Gang

Choose from pre-configured combinations or contact us for a customized solution. To learn more about the SLPX Series, download our brochure.