New ArcArrest Switch-Rated Receptacle Expands AMAXX Capabilities

New ArcArrest Switch-Rated Receptacle Expands AMAXX Capabilities

Our AMAXX enclosure system lets you customize your own power distribution center by mixing and matching receptacles, switches and overprotection devices to fit different plant requirements. Some facilities have switch-rated wiring devices, for example. MENNEKES now incorporates this standard into our AMAXX system with ArcArrest-a plug and receptacle that offers the safety and functionality of a UL listed disconnect switch.

It provides a simple, fast and safe way to de-energize your industrial equipment and expands AMAXX's flexibility further than ever before.

Let's take a closer look at this new switch-rated AMAXX receptacle:

ArcArrest: At a Glance

ArcArrest is a 30 Amp, switch-rated plug and receptacle that functions as a line-of-sight disconnect switch in branch and motor circuits. Thanks to its silver-nickel contact tips and dead-front shutter, it safely disconnects loads while energized-protecting operators from arc flash and contact with live electrical components.

Making Safety the Top Priority

Now available as part of our AMAXX offering, ArcArrest is listed under UL 2682 for use in switch-rated applications. Like our other power supply products, it meets OSHA lockout-tagout (LO/TO) requirements for safety. Both male and female housings include holes for 1/4-inch shank diameter locks, preventing connector re-engagement until the lock is removed.

ArcArrest also includes unique safety features of its own, including Max-Loc cord grip technology, finger drawplates, lock-out holes and plug caps-increasing operator safety in harsh environments and enhancing cleanability in food-processing applications.

Customize your AMAXX system with ArcArrest for use is a variety of industrial applications, including food processing, welding equipment, motors and generators, HVAC equipment, conveyors, hoist systems, pumps-and more.