New FM Motor Disconnects Feature Semi-Recessed Profile for Cleanrooms

If you operate a cleanroom, you already know how important it is to minimize the surface area of your components-to keep contaminants at bay. But sometimes it's easy to forget about your power equipment. MENNEKES has you covered.

Our new FM Series Flush Mounted Motor Disconnects feature a semi-recessed profile that minimizes the accumulation of surface contaminants. At the same time, its durable design stands up to regular washdown-ensuring your cleanroom remains contaminant-free.


Hygienic design. Part of our full line of stainless steel and non-metallic motor disconnects, our new FM Series features a semi-recessed profile that reduces stand-off in critical production areas. Units also integrate a double-gasket system-preventing water and contaminants from infiltrating the box interior and wall cavity. Both are complemented by a highly visible “clean profile"; handle that eliminates harborage.

Durable construction. Thanks to its IP69K and UL Type 4X ratings, the FM Series withstands the rigors of everyday washdown-even at elevated temperatures. Constructed from 316 Stainless Steel, enclosures offer superior impact damage and corrosion resistance in harsh plant environments.

A variety of options to meet your needs. FM Series switches come in 30, 60 and 100 A. Two enclosure sizes offer generous wire bending space for in-wall raceway installation. Units are also available with 20A and 30A IEC switched and interlocked receptacles for plug-connected equipment, as well as other cover options for control switches, Ethernet or NEMA wiring devices.

Other notable features and benefits of the FM Series include:

  • 316L Stainless Steel enclosure
  • In-wall box depth-3.7 inches
  • 15–50HP 3Ø ratings. Receptacle voltage configurations in 240, 480 and 600V AC
  • Visible handle meets OSHA LO/TO compliance
  • Double gasket system for maximum protection
  • Switch in-house endurance testing-10,000 and 100,000 electrical and mechanical cycles, respectively; 65kAIC short circuit rating with Class J fuses

To learn more about our FM Series Flush Mounted Disconnects, download our brochure.


Check out key features of the new FM Series Flush Mounted Motor Disconnects