Optimizing Safety With Custom AMAXX® and SpecMAXX Units

A manufacturing facility always has multiple voltage requirements on the plant floor. With changes to 2017 NEC ground fault requirements, extra care must be given to personnel using 120-V equipment-especially in wet production areas. In these instances, consider having ground fault where equipment is used as opposed to in a remote panel.

This capability and other safety features can be specified in our AMAXX® and SpecMAXX modular enclosures. Different receptacle systems and voltage requirements can be mixed and matched to meet your plant's unique requirements. Choose pin and sleeve receptacles with switch and interlocking capabilities for enhanced safety. Various ground fault options with NEMA 4X in-use ratings can also be selected. Overcurrent protection modules are another option.

Browse our photo gallery for images of different AMAXX® and SpecMAXX designs like a 480-V utility outlet with a 120-V duplex for handheld tools or diagnostic equipment. Take notice of the different receptacle standards that can be incorporated like Duplex, GFCI, NEMA Locking devices and CAT 6 Ethernet Ports-all of which can be protected with our NEMA 3R outlet covers. If required, Type 4X devices can also be utilized.

For more information on how to customize your own AMAXX®, visit our online configuration tool.