Protecting Power Equipment In Washdown Applications

Protecting Power Equipment In Washdown Applications

If you work in food processing, you already know that every inch of the plant needs to be regularly cleaned and sanitized-but it's easy to forget about the power equipment. All power distribution components and systems require special measures to function well in washdown environments. Here are three to keep in mind:

UL Type 4X compliance guards against liquids and corrosion. All our switches and receptacles meet UL Type 4X standards to protect against hosedown and corrosive agents. Our SPEC Grade family of motor disconnects and pre-wired switched and interlocked receptacles is housed in a Type 304 stainless-steel enclosure with a 15-degree slope-forcing liquid run-off. These enclosures also feature a one-piece punched gasket to ensure a watertight seal and an expansive drainage channel so contaminants can't accumulate.

Arc protection becomes more critical in wet conditions. Our motor load disconnects are designed to address critical lockout/tagout requirements in washdown environments. Engineers and facility managers can also rely on our switched and interlocked receptacles for no load make and break protection-keeping operators safe from arcs under wet conditions.

Suspended power supply options facilitate equipment cleaning. In addition to withstanding liquids and harsh cleaning agents, many of our electrical products are designed to facilitate cleaning. For example, our new Suspended AMAXX overhead power distribution system eliminates having to install anything on walls or columns. Not only does this minimize the potential for contaminant harborage, but it also makes it easy to move or roll food processing equipment away for regular cleaning. In addition, the Suspended AMAXX removes tripping hazards, promoting worker safety particularly in wet environments.

To learn more about how our electrical products can be used in washdown applications, download our catalog.

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