Safe, Reliable Power for Industrial Welding Applications

Safe, Reliable Power for Industrial Welding Applications

When it comes to welding, your power supply can make or break you. For one, components must deliver reliable power to get the job done. They must also keep the electric current steady for the duration of the process-enabling you to focus on achieving the strongest, most precise weld possible.

For these reasons, it's important to choose power supply components that are safe, electrically versatile and rugged. Let's take a closer look at these requirements:

Safety First. First and foremost, components must provide high levels of electrical safety. Our welding outlets feature a patented interlock and switch mechanism that prevents mating or disconnecting under load. They also include a highly visible, LO/TO-compliant handle and optional circuit breakers or fusing for localized overload protection.

Mechanical and Electrical Versatility. While promoting safety, power supply components and systems must still be versatile enough to meet a range of operating requirements. Versatility of Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding requires power in varied plant settings. Manufacturing cells often require a different mix of welders and finishing tools. To meet these varying needs, our AMAXX modular enclosure system can be configured to include various receptacle options in different voltages. Designs often include 30A and 60A outlets for welders, as well as 120-volt "convenience outlets"; for handheld tools.

Rugged Construction for Factory Environments. Industrial welding for construction, maintenance or for manufacturing and fabrication is often performed in harsh, factory-floor environments. To withstand these conditions, your power supply components must be tough. Our outlets are housed in an impact-modified Valox thermoplastic enclosure, resistant to UV, corrosion and even NEMA 4X washdown environments. For even more durability, our SpecMAXX series allows you to combine several welding outlets in a rugged stainless-steel enclosure.