Selecting A Power Distribution Center For Industrial Manufacturing Environments

Industrial manufacturing applications demand power distribution centers that can withstand the rigors of a harsh factory floor. Not only do they provide power to keep machines and equipment running smoothly to lower operating costs, but they must also safeguard personnel using the distribution units.

Keep in mind, however, that some power distribution centers are better than others in meeting this challenge. Let's take a closer look at the features that will optimize your unit selection:

Modular design provides installation flexibility. No two manufacturing facilities are the same, so using a configurable power distribution system will accommodate the varied needs of different plant requirements. A modular design allows for different size requirements based upon available space for the application. Our AMAXX® power distribution units consist of modular enclosures that can be ganged together or used individually. All can be customized to fit different receptacles, voltage requirements and switches and have optional overload protection. One compact unit replaces multiple enclosures, offering you savings in both labor and materials.

Heavy-duty materials withstand manufacturing demands. Enclosures in factory environments should be constructed with heavy-duty materials to enhance the quality and durability of your installation. AMAXX power distribution units use impact-modified thermoplastic material, while SpecMAXX enclosures are stainless steel. Both are NEMA 4X-rated to protect against hose-directed water and other typical factory contaminants, such as dust and debris. They can also be used in harsher applications that involve exposure to corrosive chemicals or caustic cleaning substances.

Electrical safety to protect personnel. Above all, power distribution centers must minimize risks to personnel and equipment during normal use and routine service and maintenance procedures. Our load-rated switches safely disconnect motor loads according to OSHA lockout/tagout (LO/TO) requirements. Our switched and interlocked receptacles, configured to IEC60309 standards, provide no-load make-and-break control for plug-connected equipment.

AMAXX Power Distribution

Our AMAXX power distribution unit, made from impact-modified thermoplastic material.


Our stainless steel SpecMAXX enclosure system.

Industrial Manufacturing

Power distribution centers should be able to power industrial equipment while safeguarding personnel.