Suspended AMAXX Provides Power, Data and Air in Training Center

Suspended AMAXX Provides Power, Data and Air in Training Center

Keeping your power, data or pneumatic equipment organized on any shop or plant floor can be tricky-especially in manufacturing environments where you typically see all three. Overhead power distribution units like Suspended AMAXX can make a big difference. Not only do these configurable enclosure systems support various types of equipment, but they also minimize the amount of cords and connectors you need-decluttering production areas, freeing up valuable workspace and enhancing operator safety.

In this blog, we'll explore how an automotive manufacturer recently used our Suspended AMAXX in its training facility:

The Requirements
A major automotive manufacturer recently needed power distribution units for one of its training centers. The units had to meet several requirements, including:

  • Suspendability. The units would hang off a gas spring as part of a custom retraction system-enabling operators to pull one down whenever they needed to plug in equipment.
  • Safety. Because the units were part of an automotive shop “classroom,"; the end-user wanted to minimize the number of wires and hoses running across the floor.
  • Receptacle Options. Each unit needed receptacles that could support power, data and air equipment.

Power, Data and Air in a Single Enclosure
Suspended AMAXX met all the requirements for the training facility and was an obvious choice for the suspended retraction system. Each unit was equipped with 110-V duplex receptacles, air ports to enable Air Chuck access and Cat6 Ethernet ports so operators could plug in a computer at each training station. At the same time, the units helped maintain an open, clean and safe training area.

The Benefits of Suspended AMAXX
Compared to traditional overhead power drops, Suspended AMAXX lets you drop one oversized supply cord to distribute power to multiple receptacles-minimizing the number of cords you need. Units are designed to fit production areas that don't have available walls or columns for routing and installation of electrical equipment. They also enable portable equipment configurations-enhancing your manufacturing flexibility.

To learn more about Suspended AMAXX, visit our product page.