The Possibilities Are Endless When You Customize Your Own Power System​

When standard electrical components fall short of your application needs, we've made it easier than ever for you to customize your own power distribution center-simply by mixing and matching receptacles, switches, overprotection devices and more. This flexibility means your power center can accommodate virtually any industrial application, all while reducing design and installation costs.

Let's take a look at two enclosure systems that can fit even the most unique operating conditions:

A Flexible System That Satisfies Any Plant's Requirements

Our AMAXX Enclosure System lets you meet current and future power distribution needs with ease. Based on rugged, NEMA 4X VALOX™ thermoplastic enclosures, this system accommodates NEMA and IEC receptacles, motor disconnect switches, and overcurrent protection modules for circuit breakers and fusing. Available in five sizes, units can be ganged together or used individually, and hinged covers provide easy access to interior components for quick installation. AMAXX comes fully wired or as a kit with numerous pre-configured combinations and customization options to choose from.

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To specify a standard or custom AMAXX power distribution system, visit our new online configuration tool.

A Sloped-Top Solution For Washdown Applications

We designed SpecMAXX to weather the washdowns and other sanitation procedures required in hygienic environments. Systems begin with three NEMA 4X, 12 Type 304 stainless-steel enclosures, which feature a one-piece punched gasket for a watertight seal and sloped top so liquids can run off and impede contaminant build-up.

You can also quickly and easily build your power center using our lineup of installation options, including IEC 60309 receptacles and switched and interlocked devices, as well as multiple disconnect switches, overcurrent protection devices and blank plates.

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