Three Motor Disconnects Featuring Industry-Standard Mounting Options

Need to upgrade motor disconnects in your facility? We have three great options for you that use industry-standard mounting patterns, making each option a true drop-in replacement. These units include sloped- and curved-top designs to facilitate liquid runoff in washdown settings to enhance plant sanitation while offering superior functionality and durability.

Three Motor Disconnects Featuring Industry-Standard Mounting Options

CDS Series. The first option is our curved profile CDS Series motor disconnect, which offers a reliable way to safely control power to meet lockout-tagout (LO/TO) requirements. With an impact modified chemically resistant enclosure, CDS units are rated UL Type 4X and IP69K to withstand high-pressure and frequent washdown conditions. NSF-certified with a 30A and 25HP rating, this series can satisfy most line disconnect requirements.

DS Series. If your application doesn't require a curved design, our new DS Series incorporates many of the same CDS features, but its flat roof allows for both top and bottom conduit entry. Both the DS and CDS Series disconnects feature two mounting systems: internal sealed caps to current MENNEKES footprint or with external feet compatible with HBLDS3 and HBLDS3AC.

SPEC Grade Series. Your third option is our SPEC Grade motor disconnect unit. This compact stainless steel disconnect is ideally suited to critical washdown and cleanroom areas similar to our non-metallic units. Like the CDS and DS models, the SPEC Grade unit has an industry standard mounting pattern for drop-in replacement of existing motor disconnects.

All MENNEKES SPEC Grade stainless products feature a 15-degree sloped roof for liquid runoff and are UL Type 4X rated. Available in multiple enclosures and switch sizes, other options include blank junction boxes, 1–4 position pushbutton enclosures or combination units with installed receptacles or multi-gang disconnect switches.

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