Wiring Devices For Global Server Equipment

With the explosion of cloud computing, there's a growing need to run large numbers of identical servers in data centers around the world.

Localized data centers are a good thing from a computing standpoint, but they do create an often-overlooked power problem: Server equipment designed for one locale can't necessarily use the same wiring devices as servers designed for another locale.

Dual­-rated Solution. That's where dual-rated wiring devices come in. You simply buy one device that meets electrical standards for North American, European and other international markets.

For instance, we offer pin-and-sleeve plugs, receptacles and connectors that are culus Listed to UL 1682/1686 and CSA 22.2 181.1 Standards for use in North America and also have CE and VDE certifications for Europe and the rest of the world.

Looked at in terms of electrical requirements, a single dual-­rated device will support two different amperages-including 30/32, 60/63 and 100/125 amps. Common voltages for these devices are either 250V or the trending global standard of 240/415V.

Design details matter. Dual­-rated devices are becoming increasingly popular, but not all of them are created equal. Like any wiring device, the design and construction details can make a big difference.

Other design details include:

  • Standard UL Type 4X and IP 67 rating.
  • IP 44 weatherproof devices available as an option.
  • Flame rated (UL V­0) housing on 60/63 and 100/125 amp models.
  • Elastomer finish to ease handling and installation.

You can learn more about dual-rated plugs, receptacles and connectors in our catalog.