Wiring Devices for Harsh Demands of Wind Turbine Use

Wiring Devices for Harsh Demands of Wind Turbine Use

Because wind turbines operate outdoors at remote or offshore sites, the power supply components you choose for these systems must be tough enough to withstand a variety of harsh conditions-including shock, vibration, moisture exposure, extreme temperature and more.

Here are some of the ways our wiring devices take on this challenge to keep your energy systems running smoothly:

Rated for harsh environments. When operating outdoors, exposure to windborne contaminants and moisture is a real concern. Our pin and sleeve devices are well-suited for these elements. All devices have either a watertight IP 67/UL Type 4X rating or an IP54, weatherproof/dustproof rating.

Resilient to temperature extremes. Wind turbines are deployed in a variety of climates-from hot deserts to cold, snowy regions. Our pin and sleeve devices are rated for extreme temperatures as high as 40°C and as low as -25°C. This, coupled with the ability to support long cable runs, makes them ideal for delivering generator power to nacelle motors when positioning during installation-no matter the location.

Enclosed in watertight, rugged housing. For additional durability, especially in moisture-prone environments, our plugs and connectors have gasketed locking rings and flip lid covers. This creates a long-lasting, watertight seal when in use to withstand the most difficult environmental conditions, including hose direct water and ice. And thanks to use of impact modified non-metallic thermoplastic materials, these devices are well-equipped to withstand the impact of this harsh environment.

Certified to global installation requirements. All wiring devices meet installation requirements throughout the world. Products have cULus Listed Agency Certification for use in North America and international approvals from VDE, KEMA and others for global requirements. They're also designed to IEC 60309-1 and -2 Standards for intermateabilty with like-rated devices from other manufacturers.