As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to change manufacturing, facilities need to stay connected—creating a need for more data ports on the factory floor. At the same time, more control systems and diagnostic equipment are plugged in than ever before. Doing this safely in varied plant environments can be a challenge, especially when complying with electrical codes requiring ground fault protection.

Our AMAXX enclosure system lets you customize your own power distribution center by mixing and matching receptacles, switches and overprotection devices to fit different plant requirements. Some facilities have switch-rated wiring devices, for example. MENNEKES now incorporates this standard into our AMAXX system with ArcArrest—a plug and receptacle that offers the safety and functionality of a UL listed disconnect switch.

A manufacturing facility always has multiple voltage requirements on the plant floor. With changes to 2017 NEC ground fault requirements, extra care must be given to personnel using 120-V equipment—especially in wet production areas. In these instances, consider having ground fault where equipment is used as opposed to in a remote panel.

If you have several motors running in proximity to each other, your best bet is to combine multiple motor disconnects into one single enclosure. Our AMAXX® and SpecMAXX® products let you do just that—saving you in material, labor and space.