Clean Energy

UL and Internationally approved power handling devices support clean energy installations worldwide

Clean energy builders can be confident MENNEKES products meet their installation requirements throughout the world. All of our products are UL-Listed and carry certifications for use in North America, Europe and other international markets. Two product groups — our pin and sleeve wiring devices and switched and interlocked receptacles—are IEC 60309 compatible so you can intermate them with like-rated devices from other manufacturers to support universal installation requirements.

MENNEKES pin and sleeve wiring devices are especially suitable in wind turbine applications to deliver power to motors used to position nacelles during installation. The devices support long cable runs, and are rated for extreme temperatures. In fact, our pin and sleeve products are well-suited for tough environments. They carry UL 94 flammability ratings, are watertight to IP67, splash proof, and impact resistant.

This combination of durability along with U.S. and international certifications means that builders can realize the benefits of products designed for domestic requirements and implement them on a global scale.


  • All MENNEKES products are UL Type 4X rated for wet environments.
  • Pin and Sleeve Wiring Devices:
    • IEC 60309-1 and -2 compatible receptacles, connectors, plugs and inlets.
    • UL and International approvals.
    • Wide temperature range.
    • Impact-resistant, fully protected pins and heat-resistant materials stand up to harsh environments.
  • Motor Disconnect Switches feature a rugged handle clearly indicating ON/OFF to comply with OSHA lockout/tagout (LO/TO) requirements.
  • Switched and Interlocked Receptacles:
    • A patented interlocked receptacle provides no-load make and break of plug-connected equipment.
    • A high-visibility, padlockable handle actuates the switch.
    • Compatible with other IEC 60309 devices.

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