Data Centers

Internationally certified wiring devices reliably deliver power to the world’s enterprises

Data centers are critical to any enterprise and must be operational around the clock. Receptacles, plugs and connectors used in these centers must have the same level of dependability as they provide power all day, every day for equipment like rack system PDUs, servers, UPS and data storage devices.

As companies increasingly tie their critical infrastructure across international borders, they can be confident MENNEKES pin and sleeve wiring products will meet their global installation requirements. Many of our products have agency approval for North America, Europe and other international markets. Designed to IEC 60309-2 Standards, they are fully intermateable with like-rated devices from other manufacturers to support universal installation requirements.

All MENNEKES plugs and connectors feature backed out terminal screws; 60A models have a threaded two-piece housing for ease of assembly. Female cord connectors have NPT cable entry allowing you to directly install a flex conduit fitting without use of a costly adaptor fitting. All female devices have high temperature UL 94-VO inserts for safe and reliable long-term use. Depending upon design needs, choose a device with a locking watertight design or IP 44 splash-proof protection.


  • Pin and Sleeve Wiring Devices:
    • Dual-rated devices with UL and International approvals.
    • Conform to IEC 60309-1, 60309-2.
    • NPT-threaded housings for adapter-free installation with flexible conduit fittings.
    • Ease of installation.
    • Suitable for harsh environments.

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