Food Processing

Quality, durable products built to withstand washdown and corrosive agents in demanding food processing environments

Food processing facilities get cleaned and sanitized regularly, exposing vital machinery to liquids and contaminants that threaten both safety and reliability. Since contamination and corrosion are unacceptable, power handling equipment must withstand the elements and fight off threats.

All MENNEKES switches and receptacles meet UL Type 4X standards to protect against hosedown and corrosive agents. MENNEKES motor disconnects have an OSHA compliant LO/TO handle for worry-free service and maintenance on the plant floor. Engineers and facility managers also rely on MENNEKES switched and interlocked receptacles for no-load mating of plug-connected equipment to keep operators safe from arc flash, especially in wet conditions.

Our SPEC Grade family of motor disconnects and pre-wired switched and interlocked receptacles are housed in a Type 304 stainless steel enclosure with a 15° sloped roof to cascade liquids harmlessly away. They feature a one-piece punched gasket to ensure a watertight seal and an expansive drainage channel so contaminants cannot accumulate.

MENNEKES Type 4X motor disconnects and switched and interlocked receptacles are also available in non-metallic VALOX™ enclosures which feature poured-in-place gaskets for a long-lasting chemical-resistant seal. This lineup is complemented with a complete range of watertight IEC 60309 pin and sleeve plugs, receptacles, connectors and inlets for portable equipment needs.


  • All MENNEKES products are UL Type 4X rated for hose down environments.
  • SPEC Grade products are housed in Type 304 stainless steel enclosures with:
  • NEMA 4X; 12 ratings
    • A 15° sloped roof to force liquid runoff.
    • One-piece punched gasket to ensure a watertight seal.
    • Generous drainage channel to prevent ponding of contaminants.
    • Shrouding to minimize damage to cover-mounted components.
    • A choice of three sizes.
    • Easy installation and mounting.
  • Non-metallic disconnects feature a poured-in-place gasket for a long lasting, chemical-resistant seal.
  • Pin and sleeve wiring devices are watertight, UL Type 4X and HP load rated.

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