Industrial Manufacturing

Durable and versatile electrical products to keep personnel safe and control vital equipment

Industrial manufacturing environments demand rugged motor control and wiring device products to ensure your plant runs safely and reliably. MENNEKES produces a wide range of high quality motor disconnects, IEC 60309 wiring devices and power distribution options to meet the rigors of the factory floor.

MENNEKES products help engineers and facility managers mitigate risks to personnel and equipment during operation and maintenance procedures. Our NEMA 4X;12 switch products provide a safe means to LO/TO machinery to meet OSHA requirements. Our switched and interlocked receptacles are configured to IEC 60309 standards and ensure no-load make-and-break mating of plug connected equipment. We also offer a full line of IEC 60309-compatible wiring devices including plugs, connectors and inlets with 20A, 30A, 60A and 100A ratings. And since no two facilities are the same, our AMAXX power distribution system features modular enclosures that can be configured to your specific requirements by accommodating different voltages, receptacle standards and switch options.

MENNEKES has been addressing industrial plant needs for more than 30 years with product solutions that meet national and international quality standards. With MENNEKES, you can utilize stainless steel options or impact modified non-metallic enclosed products.


  • Most MENNEKES products are rated UL Type 4X;12 for wet and harsh environments.
  • Enclosure options of stainless steel or durable non-metallic VALOX™ featuring poured-in-place gasketing for a long-lasting chemical-resistant seal.
  • Motor disconnect switches with rugged, high visibility LO/TO handle to clearly indicate ON/OFF.
  • Switched and Interlocked Receptacles:
    • A patented interlock mechanism provides no-load make and break of plug connected equipment.
    • MENNEKES “hidden-hinge” is a clean option that provides 180° access to interior.
    • A high-visibility, padlockable handle to actuate switch
    • Compatible with other like-rated IEC 60309 devices.
  • Pin and Sleeve Wiring Devices:
    • UL Listed IEC 60309 Standard receptacles, connectors, plugs and inlets.
    • Devices are UL approved Type 4X and HP load rated.
    • External strain relief clamp system to NPT threaded housing.
    • Impact-resistant and shrouded housings with heat-resistant insert materials for long use.
  • AMAXX Series Power Distribution Units:
    • Non-metallic features five enclosure sizes; stainless steel sloped-roof type in three sizes.
    • Units can be ganged together or used individually; overhead suspended option offered.
    • Standard pre-configured combinations or customized units to meet specific needs.
    • Circuit breaker of Type CC fuse protection available.
    • Hinged cover allows for easy access to facilitate installation and service.

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