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Power handling products to make your welding operations safer and smarter

When it comes to choosing power handling devices for welding and fabrication, safety and versatility are important considerations. MENNEKES products not only safeguard personnel and equipment, they provide several convenient features and options to meet your facility’s specific requirements. Our switched and interlocked receptacles use a patented interlock mechanism to prevent connection or disconnection under load. And, these IEC 60309-compatible pin and sleeve devices come in non-fusible and fusible versions—some models are offered with a UL 489 circuit breaker option.

Welding shops can also integrate our switched and interlocked receptacles into MENNEKES’ AMAXX® modular enclosure system which can include different receptacle systems and voltage configurations. AMAXX designs often include 480V or 250V power receptacles for welders and a 120V "convenience outlet" for handheld tools. You can also add circuit breaker protection to your design if tapping power from a larger supply source. This combination of design flexibility and mix of high-quality products means you'll power your welding operation with greater safety and freedom.


  • NEMA 4X enclosures feature stainless steel or rugged, impact-modified VALOX™ thermoplastic construction for demanding manufacturing environments.
  • Switched and Interlocked Receptacles:
    • No-load make and break of plug-connected equipment.
    • Available in current ratings of 20, 30, 60 and 100A.
    • Circuit breaker protection or fuse protection.
    • High-visibility handle promotes operator safety and is LO/TO compliant.
  • AMAXX® Power Distribution Units:
    • Provide flexibility to meet a variety of welding and fabrication requirements.
    • Users can mix voltages in different enclosures, such as 480V for a welding outlet and 120V for convenient power for handheld equipment.
    • Users can add a switched and interlocked receptacle module for no-load mating of plug-connected equipment.
    • Optional circuit breaker protection for convenience or if using a larger supply source.
    • Pre-wired option from factory simplifies field installation.

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